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Given that we are actively immeresed in the BBC news content curation cycles we are always very curious as to how customers are consuming the news. Due to today’s rapidly changing technological environment its a constant for us to stay up to date and apapt the the latest in news trends and demands. With so much changing within the world in so little time there is now a vast need when it comes to understanding what the people want in terms of news and how they want to view. We found this “first Global Study of News Consumption Across Multiple Screens” Study commissioned by various BBC media news channel entities and conducted by InSites Consulting to be insightful when it came to evalutaing and dissecting consumer behavior. Lets take a look at a few of the key points of the survey infographic to see if we can come up with some observations that may help predict the future direction of news consumption.


Multi Platform News Consumption Observation #3: TV Is Most Consumed During The Evening

What this tells us that online news releases are largely best left for the morning or the middle of the day so they can get maximum exposure during peak viewing times. In the graph on the inforgraphic you can see television viewership spike extremely high the later it gets showing just how important timing can be when delivering the news on various deice and content platforms.

Multi Platform News Consumption Observation Stat #2: Mobile News Advertising Is Growing

When you review the stats on the study you see that mobile (tablet and smartphone) advertising, online advertising and television are nearly identical in terms of what viewers want. With all ranging between 75% – 90% its easy to see that currently all still very important in today’s media advertising landscape. While this infographic shows there still is no clear leader of the pack it might be wise to keep efforts focused on a diverse mobile news approach when it comes to thinking about media advertising as the tablet and smartphone spaces seem to be gaining momentum at a rapid rate.

Multi Platform News Consumption Observation #1: People Respond To Ads Across All Platforms

This BBC inforgraphic study revealed that people are still watching and responding to advertising across every type of media platform. From the highest at a 7-1 to response ratio for mobile ads to the lowest at 4-1 for desktop we can see that the numbers are not very far off regardless of if you are stationary or on the go. One vital factor we feel this fact reveals is regardless of what channel or platform you decide to use to advertise it should be effective. Advertising is still a great form of business marketing and should not be overlooked in light of the popularity of such new interactive and informative outlets like social media and video.

Have you recently observed an online trend related to the BBC you would like to see broken down. Send us the link or info and we would very much enjoy checking out and hopefully doing a news peice on it.

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