Portable Vaporizers As Nicotine Replacement Products – The European Vaping Takeover

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rebuildable_vapeWhen it comes to all things Europe we always try to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to popular culture.  From fashion and style to music to movies and TV to food to the hippest trends when people think about what is hot in Europe we want them to think about us.   Regardless if its interviews, live event coverage, reviews or any other type of content we want to assure we are discussing and providing insight to the topics that most to Europeans.  One such trend we have noticed taking over as of late is the use of vape pens.  When it comes to vaping and portable vaporizer use we are seeing a huge connection to not only the younger  generation but those wanting to quit tobacco products all together.  Not only have we taken a general notice that vaping is becoming a more common occurrence while out our research is also turning up findings to back this notion up.  Lets take a look at this vaporizer pen infographic we discovered to begin to get a better understanding on just how much influence vaping is having on Europe.

Vaping and Vap Pen Popularity Statistical Proof #1: Vaping Sales In the U.K. Are Up 75% To 495 Million

If we just look at sales data alone the growth and reach of vaping is extremely impressive.  At the speed in which the vape pen is expanding who knows how these overall sales numbers in Europe can reach.  With so much promise and potential we really think the vaping market is something to keep an eye on.  There is no telling where the ceiling is on this trend but it will interesting to see if the vape pen is just a fad  or something that will catch on for years and years to come.

Vaping and Vap Pen Popularity Statistical Proof #2: U.K. Is The Second Largest Vaping and Portable Vaporizer Market In The World

As the second largest vaping market on the planet Europe is showing just how much on influence the people can have on a concept or product niche.  Europe remains on the cutting edge of what is popular in the world and come out in force when the idea is good.  We think European taste is a great way to gage or judge the world impact of something and the people are certainly  showing where they stand on how they feel about vaping and portable vaporizer use.

Vaping and Vap Pen Popularity Statistical Proof #3: Nicotine Replacement Therapies (NRT) Sales Down 3% To 137 Million

We like this statistic because it highlights the fact that most likely vaping is here to stay as a viable nicotine replacement therapies (NRT) which shows its value.  As an aid to help people quit cigarettes and other tobacco products vape pens have a lot of medical and health relevance which should keep them around for a very long time.  Have you ever considered picking up vaping?

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