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Portable Vape Pens As Tobacco Use Deterrents – The American Vaping Phenomenon

CropperCapture[3]With regards to all things America we generally attempt to remain on top of things with regards to pop culture to get a beat on how it may transfer over to Europe. From design and style to music to films and TV, to sustenance, to the hippest trend when individuals consider what is hot in Europe we need to make sure we have all our bases covered and that includes keeping track of all things popular in America. One such pattern we have seen assuming control in America is the utilization of vape pens as a tobacco use deterrent. With regards to vaping and convenient vaporizer utilization we are seeing a gigantic association with the more youthful era as well as those needing to stop tobacco items all together so this is a topic that really sparks our interest. Lets investigate this vaporizer pen infographic we found to start to improve our understanding on exactly how much impact vaping is having on American culture.

Vap Pen Trend Signal Number One – Vaping Sales In the U.S. Are Over A Billion Dollars Per Year

Simply looking at the sales information alone we can see that the development and reach of vaping in America is to a great degree noteworthy. At the speed in which the vape pen, dab pen and wax pen community is growing who knows how high these sales numbers will eventually reach in America and if this billion dollar a year business is sustainable. With so much potential we truly think the vaping business sector will transfer equally well to Europe and is something to watch out for. There is no telling where the roof is on this pattern however it will intriguing to check whether the vape pen is only a trend or something that will get on for quite a long time and years to come worldwide.

Vap Pen Trend Signal Number Two – 2.5 Million Plus Users Makes The U.S. Is The Largest Vape Pen Market In The World

As the biggest vaping market on the planet with over 2.5 million users, America is demonstrating exactly how much of an impact this niche specialty is creating. America stays on the cutting edge of what is famous on the planet and due its extreme popularity in the states we can already tell that vaping should be huge in Europe as well. We think American taste is an incredible gage to what will impact the entire world and the U.S. vape pen population is absolutely demonstrating why they remain on top as well as triggering other countries to join the journey.

Vap Pen Trend Signal Number Three – Percentage of People In The U.S. Who Quit Smoking Within 6 Months = 31%

We like this measurement since it highlights the way that in all likelihood vaping is digging in for the long haul as a reasonable nicotine substitution treatments (NRT) which demonstrates its esteem as a viable global product like the ones seen at http://kandypens.com. As a tool for individuals stop smoking cigarettes and other tobacco items vape pens have a great deal of therapeutic and wellbeing significance which ought to keep them around for quite a while as well as make them all the more prevalent in Europe. Have you ever considered buying vape pen, dab pen or wax pen?

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